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10 e-Learning mistakes professionals should avoid20 January 2017

e-Learning is a fantastic component of a blended learning solution. Learners can get a lot out of e-Learning content. BUT… e-Learning only work when the course has been developed well. As e-Learning content writers and professionals ourselves at GLAD Solutions, we have been exposed to numerous mistakes affecting how good or bad an elearning course […]


Neuroscience and CPD: Making new connections between Academia and Business6 January 2017

“Just like paths in a forest, you lose the connections you don’t use.” Neuroscientist and Author, David Eaglman Here at the CPD Standards Office, we have been increasingly interested in neuroscience and behaviour change and started to focus some of our research on CPD in this area. Over the past decade, neuroscience and behaviour change […]


Increase Your Productivity Significantly by Setting Goals and Evaluating Those Goals4 November 2016

Edwin A. Locke authored a famous piece of research called, ‘Toward a theory of task motivation and incentives’. Not a very catchy title, but it was 1968! His research was to become famous because of the conclusion we now know as ‘S.M.A.R.T’. You’ve probably heard of ‘SMART goal setting’. In principle the research alerts us […]


Why aren’t current measures reducing absence? Three ways to make a difference27 October 2016

With the CIPD reporting higher levels of sickness absence this year there’s organisations around the country asking “what are going to do now?” Sickness absence is a complex area influenced by health beliefs, organisational values, cultures, policies, and demographic factors. So, it’s tough to make a difference.   Have you ever wondered why one person […]


Measurement Matters14 October 2016

Tony Hughes, CEO Huthwaite Group of Companies, reminds us why it’s more important then ever to measure results and return on investment of learning programmes. For practical insights into how good practice works visit Huthwaite’s conference session with Urgo Medical: A measured approach – how to articulate value, in conference room 1 at 11:10 on […]

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