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FREE learning seminar programme

See below for last year's 2016 seminar programme:

The World of Learning Exhibition will once again host an educational seminar programme for visitors.  All the sessions are free to attend, simply arrive at the seminar theatre ten minutes before the session is due to start to secure your seat.

Register free for the exhibiion here >>

Wednesday 19 October 2016

10:45 - 11:15
Theatre 2 

How and why you should shoot video for L&D on a smartphone
There is an increasing hunger in L&D for good quality video content that's both relevant and engaging; but even the larger organisations don't have the budgets to sustain the content needed. In this workshop, Dr Mark Davies (founder of the L&D-focused video production company See Learning Films), will not only offer practical hints and tips on how to produce high quality video for learning, but also why you should be doing it in your organisation, and what to look out for when creating relevant learning content that sticks."
Dr. Mark Davies, Director 
See Learning Films 

11:15 - 11:45
Theatre 1
Getting started with VR: myths, realities and practicalities 
2016 has been dubbed the year of virtual reality, but should we believe the hype? Tim will explore how organisations from all sectors can get started with using VR to create immersive learning for hard and soft skill development.
Tim Drewitt, Product Innovator, Kallidus

Theatre 2
Rolling the dice — fun as a key ingredient to transformational learning 
In our formative years as children, fun is a key ingredient in our approach to learning, this presentation will explore why people learn more when they are having fun. It will explore how gamifcation through the use of large board games (learning maps) can be a powerful vehicle for injecting novelty into the learning experience, stimulating challenging conversations and cultivating collaboration. 
Akin Thomas, CEO, AKD Solutions

Theatre 1
What the L&D department can learn from the marketing department 
The presentation is based on some case studies from our customers who have increased engagement and take up by treating their course roll outs like a marketing campaign.
Adam Kara, Managing Director, Learning Heroes

12:15 – 12:45
Theatre 2
What are your online learners really thinking? 
Recent in-depth telephone research with end-user learners from organisations across all sectors reveals interesting results from 'the real world' of work. There are some serious wake-up calls for L&D professionals as well as encouraging feedback too. In this session you'll gain fascinating insights, pick up ideas to try out yourself, and share in the latest findings from this unique work into what online learners are really thinking. 
Catherine de Salvo, Director, Scott Bradbury

12:45 - 13.15
Theatre 1
Leadership Agility - how to lead through relentless change and uncertain times
In an evolving and hectic world where the pace of life is faster than it has ever been before, it is becoming increasingly important for leaders to be able to think on their feet and react and adapt quickly, positively and effectively.

Leadership agility is about building dynamic capability and leading teams successfully through turbulence and uncertainty.

During this presentation Author and Managing Director of The Learning Architect Liggy Webb will share her AGILE model and various research and solutions around cultivating and sustaining agility in leaders.
Jackie Leonard, Senior Learning Consultant, The Learning Architect 

13:00 – 13:30
Theatre 2
A master plan for L&D in 2020: humanising your learning 
Join Dr. Richard Hyde, CEO at Mind Click as he discusses how a humanised, user-centred L&D approach, focused on learners’ needs, can deliver long term results for your organisation and prepare you for 2020 and beyond.
Dr. Richard Hyde, CEO, Mind Click

13:30 – 14:00
Theatre 1
Creating blended learning campaigns for impact
Learn how e-Learning Award-winning organisations HC-One and Channel 4 cost-effectively blend learning resources such as videos, hands-on practical assessments and face-to-face sessions with responsive e-learning and internal communications to deliver lasting business improvements. In this session you'll see practical real-world examples and tips on helpful tools and techniques for delivering your blend.
Matt Borg, Managing Partner, Knowledge Centre LMS

Theatre 2
Creating creative environments
In an ever-volatile uncertain complex and ambiguous world our professional environment is changing from being algorithmic task focused to agile and heuristic thinking. New and innovative market disruption is resulting in the need for a more creative mindset from employees. The challenge for organisations is how do they change and create their environments to develop and nurture creative and innovative thinking. Bringing together current research in Neuroscience and Social Psychology the seminar will outline the principles of creating creative environments.
Liaquat Lal, Principal Consultant, Ask Europe

Theatre 1
How one mobile learning programme empowers all users 
This presentation illustrates how incorporating a mobile platform improves a firm's learning landscapes. It will showcase how learners become empowered, by creating more personalised and quality experiences. Case studies from leading companies will be presented. These real-world examples will highlight how management have implemented the mobile solution on a regional and global basis, as well as enjoyed higher engagement and knowledge rentention rates. 
Meghan Joyce, Account Manager EMEA, Scrimmage

Theatre 2
The science of high performing brains
The latest brain science gives us a context for seeing how changing business practices will all too easily dampen performance. In this session, we examine some of the key issues and propose solutions that will allow high performance to be supported. We look at the key training considerations that will help people. We will also explain the organisational support mechanisms that will facilitate sustainable high performance. If you are ready to think differently and find new ways of stimulating and inspiring your L&D programme delegates, then this workshop is definitely for you.
David Sales, Director, Emergenetics 

Theatre 1
Using systems thinking methodology to engage and develop employees and drive real business improvement
The workshop will be an interactive immersion into the approach that the NewLeaf International has developed to help create transformational change across multiple industries including biotech, manufacturing, financial, FMCG and Aerospace. The audience will participate in live discussions, which will be used by our expert consultants to illustrate practical solutions. This is a workshop designed to impress as well as demonstrate the simple but effective ways systems thinking can manage change and business improvement. 
Terts Ashibi, Operations Director, NewLeaf International

Theatre 2
Train more with less: increase the overall business performance of your training organisation
An amazing amount of money is spent every year on training. At the same time, corporate training departments are under pressure to reduce their budgets by up to 30%. Companies that specialize in training are on average 10% less profitable than other business sectors.

Specifically, huge investments are being made on e-learning platform deployment. Still, Instructor-led training represents 70% of the Training industry and knowledge retention rate for classroom Training is 76% vs 16% only for e-learning. Although Instructor-led Training is viewed as costly to a certain extent, it remains much more efficient. Often training plan and logistics are managed in Excel spreadsheets and resources are not optimized, time is wasted on administrative tasks, and information is not readily accessible to make sound business decisions.

With 15 years of experience and over 250 clients worldwide, Training Orchestra has compiled industry best practices from major Training organizations. This presentation will share how Training Orchestra helps the best companies to “Train more with less” by optimizing and streamlining their processes and resources through yield management, advanced scheduling, cost tracking, budget optimization, automated processes and by tracking key performance indicators (KPI).  You will learn what benefits to expect based on actual return on experience.
Oliver Brecheteau, EMEA Sales & Marketing Manager, 
Training Orchestra 

Theatre 1
Ten step gude to video
Video is a powerful tool, which if used correctly will inform, educate, motivate and entertain your audience. The explosion in affordable video technology now makes it possible for simple and engaging videos to be created by non-professionals. Tim will divulge the ten key steps you should consider when creating your own films.  
Tim HoreRichMedia

Thursday 20 October 2016

Theatre 1
Enterprise Learning That Works
Paul Cooper, VP EMEA Litmos, will present on "Enterprise Learning That Works” – he will discuss the current state of learning, future trends, differentiation and Return on Investment.
Paul Cooper, VP EMEA, Litmos by CallidusCloud 

Theatre 2
Reclaiming teams to increase business effectiveness 
“There is little point attempting to build a team unless it’s needed to perform a worthwhile task.” A team building event or session should always be put together with a business objective at its core. Unfortunately this is not always the case. This session will go through a series of questions that will help L&D unearth the team’s real needs in line with existing business objectives.  It will also cover what a team looks like, how a team can be formed and used and why the term 'team' has been misused.
Jo Keeler, Managing Partner, Belbin

Theatre 1
Performance is more than support — the future of learning 
Applying a performance lens in this ever changing social and economic environment that now typifies the status quo may be a more effective way in engaging everyone in learning; from the board to new entrants into the world of work. Lisa introduces a guide for the future of learning - a 5-point framework for learning professionals to construct a holistic learning strategy that supports learning in their organisations. 
Lisa Minogue-White, Director of Learning Solutions, WillowDNA

Theatre 2
Making learning stick - learning is for everyone, not everyone else 
This session shares the TMI World and TACK International learner-centric philosophy on making learning stick, and provides insights from extensive global research findings on best practice activities and tools used by those who excel in achieving learning transfer and getting results, without headaches.
Sally-Ann Huson, Lead Consultant, TACK International 

Theatre 1
e-Learning vs traditional learning: calculating ROI
Digital transformation is dramatically evolving the way we work at an accelerated pace. e-Learning has paved the way for a cost-effective delivery method compared to traditional face-to-face training. But in order to justify investment in an e-Learning programme, many organisations have to put together a cost-justified business case. In this session, we will analyse the benefits of e-Learning when compared with traditional face-to-face training, scrutinise the costs incurred when delivering both types of learning and master how to put together a business case for e-Learning versus traditional learning calculating return-on-investment down to the last learner.
Steve Finch, Senior Account Manager, CDSM

Theatre 2
The uberization of workplace learning 
The consumer landscape is radically changing; how we book hotels, cabs and listen to music has radically altered beyond all recognition in the past ten years. Enterprise culture, at times, lags behind consumer culture. However we can now see the 'uberization' or emergence of a cloud philosophy making itself real within the workplace learning environment. 
Gerry Griffin, Director, Skill Pill

Theatre 1
Longboarding - from onboarding to proficiency 
Longboarding – an onboarding approach that results in engaged proficiency and avoids the common mistakes that most organisations make with their induction programmes. Find out how to get new starters to competence and even peak performance in less time using an activity based learning and collaboration approach (aka 70:20 from the 70:20:10 model). Come and compare this approach with what you currently do for onboarding. You will discover ways to tweak your current programme, or you may just want to re-invent it! 
Paul Matthews, Managing Director, People Alchemy

Theatre 1
Taking an innovative approach to virtual learning 

Virtual learning has been around for a long time - but while its potential is huge in theory all too often it ends up being just a standard webinar in practice. This interactive and informative session will reveal the secrets to creating dynamic and innovative virtual experiences that maximise engagement and lead to genuine learning. You'll never have to schedule a dull Webex session again!
Amanda Vickers, Managing Director, Speak First

Theatre 2
Measuring the success and ROI of your e-Learning project
The importance of measuring the success and ROI of your e-Learning project is unquestionable. But when we discuss 'success', questions arise as to what this actually means, and, more importantly, how do you achieve it? This seminar will cover some key understandings of 'success', by exploring a variety of e-Learning organisational objectives - from cost savings and user engagement through to knowledge levels and customer satisfaction - with real-life case study examples throughout. The seminar concludes with some essential tips on how to best measure your success and generate effective ROI from your e-Learning. 
Ray Lawrence, Director, How to Moodle 

Theatre 1
Engaging reluctant managers to care about their own approach to performance management 
You want to upskill your managers in how to be better people managers - to increase employee engagement and minimise the risk of workplace problems. However, your managers are numbers people with an eye on the bottom line, who don't attach the same value to how they approach issues or the way they are perceived by others. Exploring two key models: the 'perception gap' and the 'destructive cycle'. we simply and effectively engage those managers who consider 'hitting the targets' to be the only way of judging performance. 
Victoria Lewis, Head of Training, Byrne Dean

Theatre 2
Is your e-Learning strategy fit for purpose? 
The e-Learning industry is facing a revolution. Savvy learners now demand: high end eLearning solutions as standard (gamification, VR, and immersive environments) shorter, sharper micro-learning modules rather than long, boring courses.

Learning any time, any place – and more importantly, on any device / screen size. A unified approach to performance, communication and learning and organisations want to pay less for it. How is your e-Learning strategy facing up to these challenges? 
Darren Hockley, Managing Director, DeltaNet 

Theatre 1
An organisation full of leaders: how the pipe dream has become a reality 
In this session, Angus Ridgway, former head of Strategy and Leadership Development at McKinsey & Co. and co-founder and CEO of Potentialife, will discuss how organisations can overcome these obstacles in practice and place leadership development where it belongs: at the heart of company strategy.
Angus Ridgway, Co-Founder & CEO, Potentialife


The organisers reserve the right to alter the seminar programme or speakers in exceptional circumstances.


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